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Tishira Japa, better known as “Tish” is the Owner and Founder of Luxe Artishtry, LLC.

I am a NYS Licensed and Multi- Certified artist in lash extensions and permanent makeup (PMU). I graduated Fordham University with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Management and Marketing and a minor in Economics.

When I graduated Fordham I started working at an Engineering company. Months into working there, I was tired of the monotony, and also started having doubts about being able to support myself with just a 9-5.

I always had a passion for beauty, but also for business. I started getting lash extensions done in 2016, and fast forward to 2018, the monotony of the job I had sparked my interest in the beauty industry even more. I started lashing and doing eyebrows part-time right after my job (working 12-13 hours daily). 10-Months later, I took a leap of faith and decided to leave the corporate world and start lashing/doing eyebrows full-time from my mother's apartment. 8-Months after being self-employed, I opened my beauty studio in 2019.

Throughout the years, I fell blindly in love with lashing, permanent makeup and teaching. My love/passion for lashing is what fueled me to create my own line of supplies.

This is my calling, this is my passion.

Dealing with so many women on a daily basis, I have developed a strong passion to lift and encourage them at whatever stage they are at in life. My goal is to help women feel beautiful inside and out, and boost their self-esteem. So many women neglect themselves and their natural beauty, but we are here to enhance that natural beauty. Having beautiful lashes, eyebrows, and lip-blush can make any woman feel gorgeous, confident and unstoppable and that is ultimately what makes me happy!-Tishira Japa