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BOMB Lash Shampoo


The Bomb Lash Shampoo is the solution to multiple issues associated with lash extensions: 

  • poor retention, itchy eyes, watering eyes, build up, closed fans

Increase your comfort and your retention with the Bomb Lash Shampoo. This lash cleanser gently removes makeup, build up and skin oils without compromising the bond of your lash extensions. 

How to Wash your Lashes Directions:

Apply one pump of cleanser to each closed eye. Brush lids side to side and brush lashes in a downward motion. Use the BOMB fluffy brush from your kit and do this for 1 minute to let it work its magic.  Brush lashes after they have air dried or if you desire to blow dry them, use our mini fan (can be purchased here www.luxeartishtry.com). 

Don't forget to wash your lashes everyday! 

*Both Lash Shampoo come as a kit with a brush and a covered spoolie <3