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This RE-USABLE crystal adhesive holder is a critical tool for fan making.

  • Increase your speed by using the empty wells to adjust the bases of your fans. This means your fans don't have to be perfect when you pull it off the strip because you can adjust your fan after you dip it in the glue with the corners of the wells.

  • Fix tails, boxy bases, and adjust fan width and symmetry while keeping your glue neat! This tray has been designed to be heavy enough so that it stays put and won't slide around your work space or lash tile- even if it's a slanted lash pillow. 

Always dispense your new glue drop in an empty well. 

To Clean:

Soak overnight in PURE acetone. Rinse with soap and water and reuse.

Tip: It's helpful to have enough trays for the week. 1 tray for 1 or 2 appointments so that you can drop them into your jar of acetone after each client or once the tray is full and rinse them once a week.

Comes in a pack of 3. Individually wrapped for sanitary reasons.

Note: Glue tray wells are hand drilled. Because of the handmade component there are some wells that are not perfectly round or have a little notch. These slight imperfections do not affect the functionality of the trays.

2.32283 inch x 1.9685 inch x 0.15748 inch

5.9 cm x 5 cm x 0.4 cm